Praying Circles Around Your Children - HINT

Here is a great hint from Donna Henson!  (Thanks for the hint, Donna.)

If any of you are making a list of words for you children (like the Praying Circles Around Your Children book) I thought you might want to know about this website. You may already be familiar with it.
It’s called Wordle. ( You type the words in and it makes a collage out of them. FYI if you type a word in more than once it makes that word proportionally larger. For instance we had special words the Lord has given us for our children that we felt He wanted us to emphasize so those we entered twice. We also entered their names in three times.
Here is an example of what you might enter if you wanted to emphasize courage for a card for Dean: courage, courage, leadership, strength, honor, gentleness, servant, laughter, integrity, loving, prayerful, joyful, Dean, Dean, Dean
And here's what it can look like.  Try it out.