The Gospel of Peace

Our current sermon series is titled, "G4=Everything". In God, the Gospel, God's Grace and Glory are everything we were created to want and need.

G1 = Godpp-1

In God is light, life and hope. (In the beginning, God ... and God said "Let there be light")

Without God, there is no light (Eph. 4:18, Romans 1:21), no life (John 1:4-5), and therefore, no hope (Ephesians 2:12).

Genuine hope only comes when one acknowledges God as creator and sustainer of all life.

G2 = Gospel

pp-1In the good news of Jesus is where genuine peace is found. Without the gospel, no one can ever be reconciled to God, and no one can experience the re-creation of God's purposes... His original purposes for mankind. The word for Peace includes (According to "The Complete Word Study Dictionary - New Testament, Zodhiates) bliss, health, welfare, prosperity of every kind, every kind of good.

Is your life experiencing THAT peace?

In Jesus, we enjoy peace WITH God (Reconciliation) and peace IN God (All of the other blessings that come from God).

G3 = Grace

pp-1This Sunday, we'll move onto the GRACE that makes the connection with God and the Gospel. I hope you've invited at least one person to join you as we celebrate Christmas together. It's going to be a special Sunday including light brunch, Christmas Carols, Special Music and drama and a special "Gift of Grace".

May you and your family experience the Hope in God, and Peace of the Gospel which was made available to you by the Grace of God.

Walk in that hope and experience his deep peace this week.

Pastor Kevin