The Great Commission, Grace Giving, and You

It is Time to Engage:

Each November we review your opportunity to be actively involved in God's Great Commission by giving to the International Mission effort.  You and your family have a fantastic opportunity to participate by praying for, and giving toward the support of one of the New Life Missionaries.

Last Sunday we gave you the NLMI missionary booklet for a prayer guide.  In it is the list of over 30 missionaries and agencies that we are connected with for the purpose of God's great commission.

The guide not only lists each missionary and global project we are supporting, but also gives you an invitation to pray throughout the year for each of these.

An Invitation

My invitation to all of you this year is to pray again.  Pray, and ask the Lord to stir your heart toward one, or several of the individuals or agencies we are connected with.  I urge you, like Paul urged the Corinthian believers, to pray and give.  As Americans, we are so blessed with the opportunity to give, and  receive the blessing that comes by partnering in the great commission through giving or going.

Even if you have not participated in the past, I urge you to consider doing so this year.  I know you will be blessed as you pray for, and partner with one or more of these who have heard the call to GO and have answered.

If you have questions about the process or questions about the partners we work with, please contact me at any time.  I look forward to engaging in the harvest for God's kingdom with you and with the international missionaries God has brought to us as partners.

Be Very Blessed,

Pastor Kevin