"Thank You" from Martin's in Dominican Republic

Dear Kevin and the NLSV family;

Warm regards from Santiago, Dominican Republic.  This is Glenn writing this note of thanks.  I do this about once every five years; Rhoda does this about once every month.  Years ago when I had just recently graduated from Regent University with a Masters in Communication  we sent a note of thanks for financial support, and one of our partners who happened to be a fellow Regent graduate wrote back and said "Good job in your communication; good to see you are putting that degree to work!" to which I replied "The one who wrote that amazing update does not have the degree in communication."  And so it continues.

Where is Rhoda?

As I write this she is three days into a whole new adventure.  This is only the second time in our 26 years of marriage that she is flying alone; the other time was to visit the kids a few years ago.  I am so proud of her!  This time she is off to take the two-week introductory seminar of an Executive Master's program in Adult Non-Formal Education, otherwise titled Christian Formation and Discipleship.  Those who know Rhoda well know her passion for seeing people come into God's purposes for their lives; a central key to the success of our NIKO and SUYO ministries has been her unswerving commitment to maximizing the learning potential of every situation.  YWAM's University of the Nations is pioneering an Executive Master's program in this field as a way to formally validate the expertise of people like Rhoda, who have a lifetime of experience in discipleship but no university degree.  That validation then opens the door to more opportunities for service.  The three-year program involves independent research and writing, but also involves regular online connections and seven two-week intensives over the course of the next two and a half years.  Please pray for her in these two weeks as she embraces this new adventure.  She will be taking advantage of the time in Switzerland to spend a few days with Kayla as well.


I should tell you about our recent weeks.  NIKO camp was, again, a tremendous success. Perhaps Andrew has already told you more than I will say here!  I confess I find it stressful; we pray for weeks for the campers, for God to create the right learning environment between the mix of the outdoor physical part and the teaching/input part, and then a low pressure system hit us . . . lots of stressful situations with rain and mud and soaked sleeping bags and all for a day and a half in the midst of the camp . . . but life lessons learned.  Words like "Transformational" bounce around a lot as staff and campers share testimonies at camp's end. What impacts me more is to see so many come back to serve as staff in spite of the challenging conditions, and how many others want to but we do not have room for them all.  Long-term leadership development and missions prep of these 25 - 30 staff is our main priority.  Graduates have served in over a dozen nations, and we have several on the edge of going full-time as soon as they finish university in the next year or two.
NIKOland is our context for further leadership development and missions training.  We aim to finish building the 12' x 16' cabin this month, and are raising funds for the main structure.  Labour is donated (do you want to swing a hammer?); material estimates are now at $30,000 to get the main structure ready.
Thank you for your partnership with us.  Summer is when we pay our annual health insurance bill and it often happens to coincide with additional travel expenses.  We thank God for your participation with us.
Glenn (and Rhoda)