Looking Forward

A few weeks ago (in our bulletin) and earlier today (on this blog) I shared with you what the Lord seemed to be saying about "Looking Up".  The theme of what God is speaking to us (the elders) about over this summer has been looking up to Him, and forward to where He is taking us. While the summer months have included vacations and at times leave us feeling like the church is scattered from week to week, we have continued to listen and discern together what are the things that will be important as we come back together in the Fall.   I want to share with you some of the topics and initiatives that we are working on so that you are prepared when we launch into them in September and October.

Inter-Generation Values

We continue to believe that God has called us as a church to focus as much ministry and growth as we can on an inter-generational level.  Over the next two weeks we (several fathers and their sons) will complete a study called "Becoming a Man".  In this study it became clear again how valuable it is for multiple generations to grow together and to share openly.  What we are looking forward to in the Fall is more events and opportunities that help one generation pass on their genuine faith to the next.

Stronger Marriages

As Roger Ford was sharing this past Sunday, I was reminded of the profound need to continue strengthening marriages.  Do we really know how we're supposed to be relating and growing together as couples?  What have our models been?  Who is joining us in our desire to grow together and love together biblically?  We look forward to opportunities for couples to work at on-going "rubber to the road" issues as it relates to our marriages.

Church being the Church

Ephesians has shown us the picture of what a Christian looks like.  As we have studied chapter 5 especially, we have been pointed to the "one another" reality of being a Christian. We were NEVER intended to be a Christian on our own.  God's original intent for the church has always been to live, grow, work, and play TOGETHER.  We look forward to offering opportunities for you and your family to experience deeper fellowship with others in the church in the coming months.

There is much more to share with you as we look up to God and forward to where He is taking us.  I'll share more with you next week about; a new "Forward Team" that is forming, about our discernment concerning our "building/facility needs", as well as a schedule for our "End Times Study" with Dr. Dan Sweger, but we ask for your continued prayers as we seek God's plans and purposes for the New Life family in the coming months and years.

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing in and through New Life.

Pastor Kevin