"Look Up"

Look Up! During a recent time of prayer I was asking the Lord for insight for our future together as a church.  As I was praying, He pointed me toward a theme of “looking up”.  His encouragement centered on the fact that HE has a plan and a path for New Life, and that our responsibility is to keep our eyes “up” and “forward” to where He is leading.

When an early adult begins to learn to drive, we teach them to look a little “further down the road” instead of focusing immediately in front of them.  The reason is, that they need to be able to see both, where they are, and where they are going.

The same is true in our walk with God as individuals, as families, and as a church.  We need to keep our eyes up and out to where God is taking us.  It is all too easy to allow the enemy to limit our “vision” to the immediate … what do we see right in front of us … what are we experiencing now, and today … But God is always leading us forward and His encouragement is to look up! Look up and see the path.  Look up and see the next steps.  Look up and see the goal.  Look up and ultimately, see Him … See God!

Here is what the Lord seemed to say, my prayer is that you’ll be drawn to Him, to His presence, to His glory and ultimately to His path for you in your life.

I have set a path before you. Walk on it! My path, my plan is one you can trust and confidently walk on. Take the next step. Engage young leaders. Pass on to the next generation the things of leadership and of ministry.

Look up! You're heads are down and on the details when you need to come to me and look up to the Glory of who I am! Be led, be fed, be encouraged, be bold, and be confident as you look at me! I am God, I am Provider, I am Savior, I am Healer, I am Creator, I am Friend, I am Power. Look up and out of your circumstance and place your hope in Who I am!

This week, take some time to ask the Father to show you the “up” … show you the “forward” movement … show you the path He is taking you down … and be encouraged in who He is, and where He is leading you.

Be Blessed In Him!

Pastor Kevin

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