Five Steps toward the "Others"

Last week we looked at five steps we all need to take while learning to walk in a manner worthy of our calling. Throughout the messages concerning each of these five steps (Found in Ephesians 4:24-32) we found a constant call to the “why” of the steps.

  • Why truth instead of lies?  Because “we are all part of the same body” (v 25)
  • Why anger without sin? Because “anger gives the devil a foothold”. (v 27)
  • Why giving instead of stealing?  Because life is about the “others in need” (v 28)
  • Why talk that builds up instead of tearing down? Because we were meant to say things that are “an encouragement to those who hear them.” (v 29)
  • Why kindness and forgiveness instead of bitterness and un-forgiveness? Because we are called to be “forgiving one another”. (v 32)

The common theme throughout the steps is ... OTHERS!

A good question for every Christian to ask himself each day is this; “How will my life, and the actions I take today affect the OTHERS that God has placed in my life? Others include family, church family, co-workers, extended family, people who serve us through their jobs ... Really, OTHERS includes everyone I will meet and interact with in my day. Our life is meant to be “Others” focused. How are we doing? What impact are we having? What do the others around us think of these steps in our lives?

As we continue through our study of Ephesians, were going to narrow the “others” down even more.  We’re going to be looking at our roles as husbands, wives, fathers, children, employees and employers. As we narrow it down, my prayer is that God will continue to empower us by His grace to see, and acknowledge and begin to live our lives for the OTHERS he has placed all around us.

At times it may feel a little “close to home”, but God is going to stir some good things over these next weeks together.  Are you ready?

Pastor Kevin

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