A Story of God's Glory

As many of you heard this past Sunday, our short term mission team was facing difficult decisions.  Based on the ever-increasing cost of tickets, some of the team were going to need to decide whether they could go or not.  As of Sunday, and the tickets we were pricing, the team would still need over $13,000! The team has continually prayed that God will be glorified as we step out for him.  You joined us in praying Sunday morning, and on Monday morning we received confirmation that we had suddenly, and "without explanation", found tickets for $785 LESS (for each ticket)!!   Perhaps needless to say, we purchased 7 of our tickets.  (We are still waiting for one Lynette's passport to purchase she and Denae's tickets.)

With the "God-drop" in prices, the team is now needing only a little over $5,000 to cover travel expenses and ministry expenses when we are in country.

We are grateful for your continued prayers, and we expectantly look forward in the coming weeks to God's glory being revealed in our finances, in our preparation, in our travel, and in our ministry.

Thank you again for praying with us, and continuing to pray.  We look forward to all that God is going to do ... in us, and through us, for HIS glory.

Your Short Term Team