Taking the PROOF of the PURCHASE to the Nations

For the past several weeks, we have been reviewing "The Gospel of Jesus Christ".  We've seen the reality that we are born into a prison, that Jesus has PURCHASED our freedom, and this week we'll see the PROOF of the PURCHASE in the empty tomb!  The short term team is excited to serve as ambassadors of this good news through taking that message to the Nations, and specifically to Mongolia.

As we have made preparations for our trip in June, we want you to know that we are  grateful for your generous giving and encouragement.  Thank you to all who have given, and for all who are planning to give a financial gift.  One of the challenges we have recently discovered is that ticket prices have raised almost $900 per person since we first began to pursue this trip.  This means two things:

  1. Each member is going to need to raise almost $1,000 more than we were expecting.
  2. We need to raise enough funds to purchase tickets soon so that we do not face even more raised prices as the price of fuel continues to effect the price of airline tickets.

We are confident that God has every resource we need to make the trip happen, and we continue to make it a matter of daily prayer as we believe the glory of God is seen when he does things above and beyond what we can make happen ourselves.

As a part of this process, we continue to work at raising funds through personal support letters (which have already been sent), fundraisers in the community, and through sharing the vision personally as we connect with people in our day to day interactions.

Besides giving a financial gift, we value and request your ongoing support in any of the following ways:

  1. Please make the team a matter of prayer as a family.  Daily prayers for provision, preparation, and purpose would be so appreciated.
  2. Consider helping out at one of the upcoming fund-raisers.
  3. Contribute items for the yard sale on April 14th.
  4. Share with your own friends who may be willing to contribute to the mission trip.
  5. Share an encouraging word to a team member when you see them.

Tomorrow morning, and over the following weeks, we will be actively working to raise funds through a yard sale and a couple of car washes.  If you can help with any of these events, please contact Lynette Crull or Monique Smith. 

  • Saturday, April 7: Car Wash - Microtel on Route 11 South
  • Saturday, April 14:  Yard Sale at Daniel and Naomi Lambert’s home.
  • Saturday, April 28: Car wash - Exxon at Mt. Clinton/42