Resurrection Sunday: An Opportunity and an Obligation

While the world and our culture continues the assault on Christianity and the church of Jesus, there lingers a “religious” reality for most of the people you and I will see and communicate with over the coming weeks. Whether a person is active in church, grew up in church, or simply lived with others who did one or both, there is some sense of the “appropriateness” of church on Easter Sunday. Let’s face it ... The resurrection of JESUS is one of the most GLORIOUS messages we have to celebrate! And when you add to that the fact that, in our culture, “Easter” is an accepted celebration of Spring, of life, of all of the fresh hope that springs forth in our natural seasons, we have a clear opportunity before us!

We (the church) will celebrate JESUS on that special Sunday just like we do EVERY Sunday, but for many of our friends, co-workers, and neighbors, this will be the one PRIME opportunity to hear about Jesus and be reminded of HIS great love and sacrifice for all.

What will we do with this special Sunday? Will we let it slip by, or will we engage in the “Great Commission” and become “inviters”? I believe we have a great opportunity before us, as well as a sacred obligation; that is, to welcome those “outside” to come in on that Sunday and to hear and celebrate what God has done in Jesus Christ, His son!

Our invitation to you is to become a “sower” by giving out invitations everywhere you go over the next few weeks. Let’s follow that up with the prayerful expectation that God is going to bring “guests” to our celebration on that (What our culture calls - EASTER) Resurrection morning! What could be better than celebrating Jesus‘ resurrection ourselves, while sharing the good news with others as we do it?

Invitation cards have been prepared including an entire sermon series which begins next week, March 25 and goes through April 22. This series will be a very clear outline of the need for, and provision of Jesus in each of our lives. Let’s get the word out and invite everyone we can, allowing and expecting the Holy Spirit to draw every one HE is willing to draw to the good news of Jesus.

Sermon Series: ALL I NEED IS JESUS! (Making Sense of My Life)

The PRISON We are Born Into - March 25 The PURCHASE of Freedom - April 1 The PROOF of the Purchase - April 8 The PROVISION In Jesus - April 15 The POSITION in Jesus - April 22