Entering our Sabbath Rest IN Jesus in 2012

Finding a Sabbath Rest in Jesus

This week I have the blessing of getting away for four days to pray, write, plan, read and rest IN Jesus.  Friends have a "prophets quarters" room above their home in Bath County and have graciously offered it as a place to get away when needed.

I will be back in Harrisonburg on Friday, but while I'm here, I welcome your prayers for refreshing, vision and plans for 2012, fresh revelation from the Spirit, and anything else the Lord Jesus has in mind.


Previewing 2012

Looking ahead in 2012, we will be finishing the current series and then we have a five-part series on the book of Revelation.  There is a lot of discussion on "end times" due to certain beliefs that the Mayan calendar prophesies this as our final year.  While it is certainly a great conversation starter ... our revelation ought to come from HIS (Jesus') Revelation.

I did see this cartoon and found it funny.  The truth is that end times is not necessarily a funny subject, though the way some of us approach it may be.

While our series on Revelation will not get deeply into sequences of events and prophetic signs to look for, it should be an encouragement for all of us to keep Jesus central to everything we do.  We will also offer a study in Revelation/End Times later this year.



Marriage Weekend

Currently Ron and Dianne along with Webb and Carol are making plans for a special "Marriage Weekend" being scheduled for March 9 and 10.  While all details are not yet finalized, we are blessed to have Pastor Dan Backens and his wife Rhonda as our speaker for a Friday evening and all day Saturday.  More details will be coming later.




Some of my hopes and prayers for New Life in 2012 include the following:

  • We will spend more time talking about Jesus as the center of our lives than we ever have.
  • We will experience a fresh desire to hear God and obey Him when he speaks.
  • We will impact our homes, and our community with the power and presence of Jesus.
  • We will grow as a church family.
  • We will send at least one team to the "ends of the earth" (Mongolia) for the glory of God, and perhaps more.
  • We will find creative ways to continue to "Reclaim Family and Empower Households to Change the World"
  • We will be filled with the Glory, the Presence, and the Power of God so that HE is seen in us and through us as we continue to worship Him with all of our hearts.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of what God is doing in and through New Life of the Shenandoah Valley!

Be Blessed IN JESUS,

Pastor Kevin