Feedback, the "Breakfast of Champions"

“Feedback, the Breakfast of Champions”

Next week with the final preparations for celebrations surrounding the birth of Jesus, my prayer is that you and your family have had a meaningful advent season and that this next week will be one of joy and celebration.

This season is also a great time to reflect on 2011 and begin to look forward to 2012 and all that it may bring.  Pastor Joseph Umidi is fond of the phrase, “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions”.  The phrase is meant to remind us that hearing from others is a great way to get in touch with our strengths, weaknesses, and perhaps our blind spots where we do not even see our failings.

While you have time with your family these next few weeks, I want to encourage you to consider some family “feedback” time by looking back, being grateful for the blessings, acknowledging the difficulties, and embracing the future that God is planning.  Perhaps a meeting of the family one evening with no distractions, everyone grab a cup of your favorite drink and open the door for some “courageous conversations”.

If you’re not sure where to start, here is a list of questions you might use as you reflect together.

  • Let’s list as many things we can be thankful for from 2011.
  • What is the most anticipated event I/we expect in this new year?
  • Let’s talk about difficulties we may have faced in 2011.  How has this affected our relationships?  How has it affected our walk with God?
  • As individuals beginning with Parents:
    • Tell me about one area of weakness I may not be seeing.
    • How am I doing as a father/mother/son/daughter/brother/sister?
    • What do you see me doing well?
    • How do you perceive my personal walk with God?  Do you see it growing?  Do you see areas where I can grow?
  • What expectations do I/we have in regard to my/our growing with God in 2012?

Wrap up your time with a prayer of blessing over each family member.  Dads, this is an especially great time to lay hands on each child and pray a blessing over their coming year!

Many Rich Blessings to you and your family for this Christmas and for the Coming Year,

Pastor Kevin

SPECIAL NOTE: Your faithful giving to the church has been a tremendous blessing. Due to the weekend schedules of the holidays and Sunday morning services, we would like to remind you that your regular tithes and offerings for the remainder of the year will be most helpful in meeting the year end budget. If you will not be attending services Christmas Day or New Year's Eve, your giving can be mailed to the church office at 1560 North Liberty Street, Harrisonburg, VA  22802.