Preparing for Christmas and the New Year!

Advent 2011Every seven years Christmas and New Year come on a Sunday.  These days tend to be days where we have made lots of plans (When they're not on a Sunday) to celebrate with Family and Friends, or in the case of New Year, we celebrate late into the night the night before, and they leave the church wondering ... should we have church on Sunday or not. For New Life, we will be celebrating the birth of Jesus on Sunday morning, December 25 with a light brunch of rolls and fruit along with special music. dance, Christmas Carols and a Children's ensemble.  Our worship time will be 10:30 - 11:45 and we're looking forward to spending that time together.  (If you haven't let us know that you will be attending, please RSVP by Clicking HERE so that we have a good count for supplies)

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The next week we have decided to do something different.  Since many, if not all, will be out on Saturday night celebrating, or praying in the New Year, we have decided to hold a special worship time and celebration on Saturday night which will take the place of our Sunday morning service.

Saturday evening's event will be held at the EMHS Cafeteria and will be scheduled as follows:

  • 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM Worship, Prayer and a New Year message.
  • 9:15 - 12:00 AM Fellowship, Games, Finger foods, Fun

On Sunday morning, January 1, we will not have a worship service, so you can sleep in and share with your Family that morning.  Some questions for your family to process on Sunday morning as you begin 2012:

  • What is the greatest struggle I/We expect in this new year?
  • What is the most anticipated event I/We expect in this new year?
  • What expectations do I/We have in regard to my/our growing with God in 2012?
  • What is one thing I/We fear in this coming year?
  • Then spend time praying as a family for God to lead, protect, grow, and expand us as individuals and as a family.

We pray the coming weeks will continue to be a source of faith-building as we continue through the "Jesse Tree", and we pray that you and your family are encouraged, and expectant as we celebrate Jesus' coming and expect his "staying" with us throughout the new year.

Be Very Blessed,

Pastor Kevin