International Missions Weekend Wrap-up

I know I'm a week late, but I want to take a moment to thank the Burkholders, Christophels, Rancks and Howdyshells (along with any others who helped) for making our International Missions weekend go so well.  My thanks to that team for planning, preparing  and carrying out the International Meal as well as pulling together the International table to show where the members of New Life have traveled on behalf of International Missions.

A special thank you to Elyssa Ranck for coordinating and carrying out the dance to the song "Let it Start with Me".  What an appropriate message for our weekend together!

Pastor Brian Weaver's messages (both on Saturday evening and Sunday morning) were a compelling call to engage with God in His ultimate purpose of bringing worship to himself.  Brian told us something to the effect that, "Missions is finite (we have a window of opportunity to share the gospel), but worship is unending.  (We will worship God for all of eternity)."  Our calling as the church of Jesus Christ is to embrace the window of opportunity we currently have to help as many as possible to become the worshippers they were intended to be.

On Saturday evening there were many who indicated the drawing/calling toward a life of full time missions.  It is my prayer that we, as a church family, will find a way to continue to stir that calling and desire until it reaches the stage of fruition where we have actively sent all who are called to the places they are called to!

Below is a short slideshow from the weekend, and again I say thank you to all who participated and made it possible.  May the God who called us to himself, empower us to engage in sharing His love here in our own community and around the world.

Be Very Blessed, Pastor Kevin Strite