Men's Fraternity and the Quest for Authentic Manhood

Last Thursday morning a group of men began the "Quest for Authentic Manhood" together.  As we launched the first session, I was reminded of the critical need each man has for authentic fellowship and encouragement from other men on the Christian Journey.

Some of you were a part of this same study a few years back, and I remember the testimonies of how God used it to encourage, to challenge, and to grow so many of us in our quest for authentic manhood.

My invitation to all men is this.  Even if you HAVE already been through this material, please pray about doing so again.  I believe you will be just as challenged the second time as you were the first.  If, however, you decide not to join us for the entire journey, I invite you on any Thursday morning to come at 6:00 AM and enjoy the fellowship of other men.

Men's Fraternity will continue this Fall and through December 15 before taking a three week break.  We will begin again in January.

All men are invited, and if you know a friend who could benefit from the fellowship and study, please feel free to bring them along.

It's going to be a great journey.

Pastor Kevin