Making Jesus the Most Important Thing

Over the course of Jesus' ministry, we are "entertained" by Peter's many "outbursts" and the comments and rebukes he tends to receive.  (Listen Now)  Along the way Peter expressed so many desires that were actually good desires.  He simply had an issue with timing, or placement, (or aim with the sword) but his heart desired to be passionately walking with Jesus and 100% committed to Him.  On Sunday, I neglected to point out there was that one time when Peter replied to Jesus' question concerning who people were saying he was.  Peter's answer was dead on, "you are the Christ, the son of the living God"!  Way to go Peter.

Peter threw Himself into the sea out of a deep desire just to be with Jesus (John 21:7).  As we wrapped up on Sunday, we were asking the Holy Spirit to show us any/every desire we have which comes before Him.  Perhaps you have continued to ask the Father to reveal the desires that are in the way of making Him first.  If so, I continue to pray that all of us will embrace the opportunity which the Lord is placing before us, and will engage with Him as most important in every area of our lives.

If you haven't yet, I also encourage you to "TAKE IT HOME" by continuing the discussion around the table, or whenever you have a moment with your family.  I continue to see that God is stirring in so many of our lives, and look forward to the deep works He will complete as we submit ourselves ever more fully to Him.

May the Word be alive in you as you read it this week, and may the Spirit breath new life into your personal walk with God as you pursue Jesus as the most important thing this week!

Oh Lord, speak into the silence, breathe upon the lifeless, wake us up from slumber,

Oh Lord, move in by your Spirit, your life living in us, take us back to wonder!