A Growing Desire to be with Jesus

*Special Invitation to Pray at 10:15 This Sunday *

Are we willing to throw ourselves in? How great is our desire to be with Jesus? Those will be the questions before us this Sunday. When Peter heard that Jesus was on the shore, the Bible says he "threw himself into the sea" ... just to get to where Jesus was. Peter's deep desire was to be with Jesus.

Last week we were called to pursue encounter with Jesus. As the week has progressed, through meetings with my sons, through time in the word, through a meeting with men on Thursday, the Lord has continued to lay this reality before me that He is opening a window of opportunity to press into Him and to experience Jesus in new and fresh ways. As I was reading the Word this morning, John 21:7 hit me, and the Spirit seemed to say that we needed to focus this week on the desire of Peter and the desires of our own hearts.

I invite you again to join us at 10:15 near the front of the auditorium for a time of calling out to God and asking for him to encounter us and teach us and grow us in new ways. May the Father be glorified as we pursue him with a new fervor and may all of us be changed more and more into the image of Jesus for God's glory.