Encountering God ... Something is Happening

At the end of our service this past Sunday, it became clear that God was drawing many to a new place of encounter with Him.  As we looked at Saul's encounter (listen now) with God, and we drew the parallel toward the possibility that each of us can encounter God, the Spirit seemed to be leading us into a place where He was and is drawing us toward a fresh encounter with Him.New LifeFor some of us, we can recall encounters with God at different times in our lives.  Encounters with God do not all look the same do they?  Rather, we can encounter God at any time and in any place.  Some have encountered God in a worship setting while others have encountered God while driving down the road one day.

It is not our desire to be "encounter" seekers, but rather it is our desire to be open to a fresh encounter with God whenever He desires to reveal Himself in deeper ways.

I believe that one of those opportunities is upon us right now.  As I was praying this morning, I felt that the Spirit was confirming that NOW is an opportunity to seek for and find fresh revelation from God and from His Spirit.  Following the service on Sunday, one person remarked that they "just want to lay on the floor and cry out for God!"  It was an amazing thing to look out and see children, young adults, and adults all standing together, declaring to God ... "We want to encounter you"!  That is the kind of drawing that I sensed the Holy Spirit was doing in so many hearts on Sunday.

Today I am wondering this.  Are we willing to continue to press into God and ask Him for fresh revelation and encounters, or will we allow this season to pass without encountering God in new ways?  My hope is that we will see what God is doing, and press in to join Him and allow Him to accomplish more life-change in us than we could ever accomplish on our own.

If you are willing to seek God in a new way.  If you are hungry for a fresh encounter and revelation of God in your life.  I invite you to join in a special time of prayer before our service this week.  We will meet at 10:15 near the front of the auditorium where we will simply spend those moments before our service begins in prayer for the continued fresh move of God and His Spirit.